Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Alternatives to the Military Booklet

Greater Boston Area - October 18, 2005

Pictured above is the cover and index page of the booklet.

The Boston Direct Action Project has compiled this booklet to provide information about alternatives to military service for youth in the Greater Boston Area. We hope it will help empower people to gain access to education, jobs, resources and opportunities.

The Booklet is 24 pages and contains the following information:

• Getting into College
• Getting Computer Skills
• Money for College
• Four Year Colleges
• Online Schools
• Two Year Colleges
• Volunteer Corps
• Religious Volunteer Corps
• Apprenticeships
• Trade Schools
• Taking the G.E.D.
• Anti-War Resources
• Community Resources

Printable Alternatives Booklet 2005 (PDF file - 15mb)

Viewable Only Version of the Booklet (PDF file - 3.3mb)

* If you are having trouble making copies of the booklet please email us, or take the printed pages to your local copyhouse and ask for them to assist you in constructing the booklet.

* If you are not from Massachusetts and wish to create a local version for your own area of the nation please clink on the link below. It is a PDF file of the booklet with blanks spaces for you to insert local information. Booklet with Blank Local Information (PDF file - 14mb)

* If you would like us to send you a paper hardcopy of the booklet by snail-mail for you to make copies of please email us your street address.

* Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas for further resources so we can include them in our next addition of this booklet for the 2006 spring semester. Email: bdapinfo [at] gmail.com


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you to all involved in this project. i will use it in my work srarting with a workshop in c-r i will be running in the morning at the community church on commonwealth. Much appreciated.

In Peace & Social Justice,
Bill Sweet


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