Monday, April 18, 2005

World Bank Bloodsuckers

Washington D.C. - APR.16.2005

Members of the Boston Direct Action Project dress as vampires and impersonate PR associates of the World Bank in Washington DC.

• Read the full story with photos on

• See and download hi-res photos from this action at

• Watch our short video documentary of this action.
low-res moive 30mb | high-res movie 210mb

• Also see a clip of our action in this excellent video of the IMF/World Bank protest from The Bloodsuckers apper about 6 mins into that video. (You will need the RealPlayer to view it.

Get more info on the bank:


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw you at Dupont Circle. Beautifully executed message and presentation. That's the kind of creative approach that can be the vehicle, reach folks who are turned off or who can turn off the yelling hippies. more power to you! see you in the streets!

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome work! Keep up the creative protest. :)


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